Jessica Grieves

Jessica started her career as a web programmer and technical trainer. But over time, transitioned into customer-facing roles that allowed her to be the bridge between the technical team and non-technical customers. For over ten years, her focus has been developing customer relationships that help her better assist in successful system implementations. She's also continued to work toward growing successful online learning options through better course design and development. In her free time, she enjoys all things lacrosse, hiking, and travel related.

StrengthsFinder Results

StrengthsFinder Top 5-Responsibility

Last year I started reading Destination Unstoppable by Maureen Electa Monte as part of my personal reading.  In it, Maureen talks about taking her corporate team development approach using the Gallup StrengthsFinders results to a high school hockey team.  I started reading this book shortly after joining the board of directors for my son’s lacrosse team.  But as I read the book it made me wonder, what would my StrengthsFinder results be?