Getting Started Tracking Customer Issues (SaaS Sample)

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Training for a SaaS company that was rebranding and moving from longer, robust training modules, to a micro-learning approach.

1. Review existing training content and support materials such as user manual and setup guide.
2. Draft outline of new training modules and lessons for review and approval.
3. Storyboard each lesson in Powerpoint including visual flats and voice-over script for review and approval.
4. Build training videos out in Adobe Captivate including voice-over recording, animations, highlights, and transitions for review/approval.

This was a full start to finish project. I was tasked with converting the existing materials into a new structure including writing content, capturing source content from the system for training videos, and producing the final output. Finished MP4 videos were delivered along with all source materials (PPT storyboards and Adobe Captivate files).

About the Client
The software is an agency management system for insurance agencies that specialize in health and life insurance products. Companies that use the system range in size from 2 to 200 employees. The system has been around for about 15 years and recently underwent a full rebranding that required rebuilding out the entire training library. To date, over 200 micro-training videos have been produced and published into their client support platform.

Tools Used
Project Management:
Communication: Slack for chatting, Loom for video status updates, and knowledge sharing.
Production: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Audition, SnagIt
Billing Mode: Hourly, billed through Upwork

Sample of Course Outline Using the source content from existing training, SME input, and system manual, a course outline was drafted to outline each micro-training video and topics to be covered. > Getting Started Tracking Customer Issues